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Ethical banks

Ethical banks including Triodos Bank and the Co-operative bank in the UK, RSF Social Finance in the USA, GLS Bank in Germany, the Alternative Bank in Switzerland, the Banco Popolare Etica in Italy and the Citizens Bank in Canada. These banks invest socially and ethically. The Banca Etica in Italy, for example, is based on the following set of principles: access to finance, in all its forms, is a human right; ethically oriented finance is aware of non economic consequences of economic actions; efficiency and soberness are components of ethical responsibility; profit produced by the ownership and exchange of money must come from activities oriented towards common well-being and shall have to be equally distributed among all subjects which contribute to its realisation; maximum transparency of all operations is one of the main conditions of all ethical finance activities; the active involvement of shareholders and savers in the company's decision making process must be encouraged; each organisation which accepts and adheres to the principles of ethical finance undertakes to inspire its entire activity to such principles.