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Web based platforms for organising grassroots campaigns. In the last year alone, Facebook has been used to mobilise protesters against knife crime, the military Junta in Burma and FARC. Oscar Morales, founder of the Facebook group One Million Voices Against FARC (which now has over 400,000 members) used the social networking site to organize a massive protest against the rebel forces in February 2008. Over a million people marched the streets of Bogotá carrying banners with the slogan – ‘no more kidnappings, no more deaths, no more FARC’. Simultaneous protests were held in 200 other cities including London, Los Angeles, Cairo, Sydney, Tokyo, Miami, Paris, Tel-Aviv and Rome. According to Morales, ‘the February 4th protest was a big slap in the face to FARC, who saw that its ideals were no longer supported by the people, and many members of FARC then started abandoning the group….digital platforms are a means to social liberties…we proved that the digitally connected few can connect the masses.’