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Web presence

All social ventures now have to have a website. But their full potential has only begun to be explored. Many ventures are by their nature information intensive – in respect to the quality and tangibility of their work, the stories of those involved in it, the range of people with whom it interacts. It has therefore become crucial for ventures to have access to the tools – wikis, platforms, chat rooms, forums, comment boxes, blogs – to high quality design to ensure usability and navigability, and to the many ways of connecting each web site to others (through links and RSS feeds) as well as establishing a presence on other social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook which can act as feeders to the venture’s site. Above all a venture needs to devote resources to the constant updating and active hosting of their sites. A good example is the site of the co-operative football team Ebbsfleet United (My Football Club) which has a team of six working on their website to involve the members, a model that could be adopted by many consumer co-ops among others.