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Mobilising existing organisational capacity

An alternative option is to seek out existing organisations to take up an innovation. This can be done through surveys and exploration to discover where there are capacities in existing organisations which can be mobilised to spread an innovation. The Royal National Institute for the Blind is a good example. The RNIB is now the sector leader for Vision 2020 UK, and through collaboration with other organizations managed to substantially grow their influence by getting all members to signup to the agenda to improve the eye health of the UK, prevent sight loss and improve care for those with partial or total vision loss. The collaborations between RNIB and other organizations are numerous, including TV, Media and book partnerships that have increased the library holdings for the blind, offered audio description in cinemas, and provided live audio description services at sporting events. This is an instance where the goals of the organisation, to generally improve the quality of life for the blind, necessitated a collaborative approach to growth that has changed the organisational field and encouraged innovation in technologies, rules and practices.

(See RNIB, Transforming Lives: Annual Review 2007/08. London: RNIB, 2008.)