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Cardus: Social Architecture Think Tank

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The Cardus was a kind of marketplace or public square that took the form of a public street. It was the north-south road that connected people in Roman cities to their major public spaces. On the Cardus (or Cardo Maximus), government, markets, temples and other social groups met to establish a common life for the good of the city.
We face a growing gap. Our institutions and cities are connected by high speed networks that move people, products and information with increasing speed. This acceleration has important cultural implications. Cardus conducts research that explores how these changes will re-define our moral and political horizons. We are working to understand how the institutions of our time can fulfill their responsibilities amid these changes and make strong cultural contributions.
The Cardus angle is macroscopic. We're the liberal arts program of the think tank world: not staffed with experts in minutia, but a hot spot for widely read public intellectuals. We are a hub within which networks of expertise work out ideas for practical application. We connect the "why" to the "how."
While some public policy think tanks focus on a particular issue or work from a partisan angle, Cardus does neither. We have four research priority areas under which we develop and deliver on numerous projects. The four current research priorities are: Cities, Civic Core, Work and Economics, and Eduation and Culture. We publish online, in print and in audio.