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Dialogue Cafe

Dialogue Café uses state of the art video conferencing (TelePresence) to link up citizens from all around the world. A person can go to a Dialogue Café in London, for example, and have a cup of tea with one friend sitting in a Dialogue Café in Lisbon and another in New York at the same time. This network of cafés will be opened up to non-profits to host and organise events and meetings. Proof of concept cafés have been established in London, Istanbul and New York and the first five cafés (in London, Doha, Lisbon, Beirut and Sao Paolo) will be operational in 2010.


These are early sketches of the Dialogue Café TelePresence pods. Dialogue Café is a not-for-profit organisation which brings people together from all around the world in conversation through the use of TelePresence screens. Images courtesy of Dialogue Café.