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Feedback systems

Feedback systems from front line staff and users to senior managers and staff. Feedback loops are a necessary precondition for learning, reviewing and improving. This could include front line service research to tap into the expertise of practitioners and front line staff, using techniques such as in-depth interviews and ethnographic/observation methods. User feedback on service quality, including web based models such as Patient Opinion and I Want Great Care that hold service providers to account, or the Kafka Brigades in the Netherlands. Another example is Fix My Street which allows local residents to report local problems (such as graffiti, broken paving slabs, street lighting and so on) directly to local authorities. And, in the US, a new free application called iBurgh allows residents to snap iPhone photos of local problems, like potholes, graffiti and abandoned cars, and send them to the city's 311 complaint system, embedded with GPS data pinpointing the exact location of the problem. These complaints will then get forwarded to the relevant city department.