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Google App Inventor for Android lets every person create custom apps

By Pacco

Google App Inventor for Android gives virtually any person the power to create their own smartphone apps. It is easy for any person who doesn't know any code to use App Inventor, a new tool in Google Labs for creating mobile apps. Instead of learning Android's Java code, App Inventor lets you to drag and drop the fundamental building blocks of basic apps to build unique Android apps from scratch.

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 Android market blown wide open with App Inventor

App Inventor for Android, Google said Monday, was launched because as smartphones become the computers that individuals rely on most, users should be able to create their own applications . The New York Times reports that Google is opening its technology to all developers in hopes of dominated the Android market, and App Inventor is the latest element of that strategy. The strategy starkly contrasts that of Apple, Google's main smartphone rival, which is known to have notoriously strict standards for iPhone app development. The strategy appears to be working within the Android/Apple battle. Apple's iPhone finished second to Android phones for the first time in first quarter sales this year.

 App Inventor has geeks up in arms

Dethroning the iPhone in smartphone dominance if any person can create Android apps is the gist of App Inventor. Geeks within the upper echelons of the programming world do not like this part of Google's Android/Apple market strategy. Tech Crunch calls App Inventor "ugly" and wonders if it is either a "gateway drug for Android app development" or "a Doomsday device that will muck up native app development on the platform" . Tech Crunch also compared App Inventor to the popularization of WYSIWYG HTML editors, which it said making web pages easy to create filled the web with garbage.

  Brace yourself for a flood of useless apps

App Inventor is a reflection of the low bar that has been set by the quality of Android apps so far, said Larry Dignan at ZDNet. Numerous apps are simply useless on iPhone as well as Android, he said. However, the beauty of App Inventor is that "useless is in the eye of the beholder". The marketplace will separate the wheat from the chaff. Apple's App Store has more than 225,000 apps. Thanks to the apps rush expected from App Inventor, AndroidLib estimates there will soon be more than 100,000 apps on the Android market.