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Social Innovator

SIX : The Social Change Within

By niranjanM

Having involved in Shlpa Sayura rural community education and Nava Goviya agriculture development through Telecentres, the purpose of taking part in SIX in the City, Summer School Workshop in Singapore, was to expand our horizon integrating climatic change into our work, so that we can enlarge the impact of our social innovation at grass roots.

Google App Inventor for Android lets every person create custom apps

By Pacco

Google App Inventor for Android gives virtually any person the power to create their own smartphone apps. It is easy for any person who doesn't know any code to use App Inventor, a new tool in Google Labs for creating mobile apps. Instead of learning Android's Java code, App Inventor lets you to drag and drop the fundamental building blocks of basic apps to build unique Android apps from scratch.


By Team Über Leben...

ÜBER LEBENSKUNST kicks off - Call for Future

The "Über Lebenskunst" project is turning the city of Berlin into a showcase for initiatives that bring together culture and sustainability and examine (brand) new models for action.

Whether neighborhood gardens, urban beekeepers, carrot mobs, Wiki woods, sewing cafés or climate pirates on the Berlin’s Spree River - the Call for Future is directed at everyone who wants to come up with ideas both in and for Berlin.

Complexity Theory - Fuel for Social Innovation

By Milton

I am very committed to exploring social innovation because it is incredibly interesting and holds so much hope for making the world better.

SIX takes on the Social Innovator

By Louise Pulford

Welcome from the Social Innovation eXchange (SIX)! SIX is proud to be the new guardian for social After all the hard work put in by the Young Foundation and NESTA, social innovator has been handed to SIX’s ready made global community of social innovation experts and enthusiasts, practitioners, technology gurus and creative thinkers.

Why Social Innovation Matters

By Laura Bunt

What has been particularly striking as we’ve drawn together this work has been the sheer breadth of the social innovation field. Not only does social innovation happen across different parts of the economy, but people are using these various methods to tackle very different issues – ranging in size and scope, origin and application.

What is Social Innovation?

By Julie Caulier-Grice

What is social innovation?

There are lots of definitions – each slightly different. We’ve gone for a simple definition; we’re interested in innovations that are social both in their ends and in their means. Specifically, we define social innovations as new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs (more effectively than alternatives) and create new social relationships or collaborations. In other words they are innovations that are both good for society and enhance society’s capacity to act.


By Julie Caulier-Grice

Welcome to Social Innovator!