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Retirement Reinvented

By rossrussell

People are retiring younger (in fitness if not in years!) than formerly and the aim of    (a not for profit website) is to help them to make better use of their experience, expertise and enthusiasm, and to remain engaged with the rapidly changing world around them, to benefit both themselves and the community.
In other words, we believe that the talents and experience of many oldies could be put to better use, which would  benefit  both themselves and their community.   To promote this we aim to be a ‘Wikipedia’ of opportunities, activities and interests for oldies.
We believe that most of the world’s knowledge is already somewhere on the internet, and our role as an ‘aggregation’ site is to signpost the appropriate sites on the internet where oldies can develop their talents and put their expertise to use.      We don’t aim to be a Yellow Pages, but to pick the most appropriate sites to signpost.
We strongly encourage interactive participation by our users - in a fast changing world we need all the help we can get to keep up to date.
We try to encourage repeat visits by frequent additions and changes to the site, and promoting a ‘blogs’ section.
We are a not-for –profit site in that the three of us who started it are not doing this for financial reasons, but if the project is to be sustainable we have to grow our revenue so that we can incur some costs – particularly of hiring staff.
Our progress in getting there
There is a reasonable amount of content on the site, (see and we get ‘hits’ from some 15 countries, but principally from UK and USA.   The most popular parts of the site are the sections on ‘Giving Back’, Developing Interests, Finding Jobs and Money . 
 Within ‘Giving Back’, the most popular topic pages are those on Volunteering, Working for a charity, trusteeships and mentoring.   In ‘Developing Interests’, the most visited pages are on further education and garden makeovers, but film extras, Nadfas and jewelry-making are not far behind!  
Within ‘Finding jobs’, the greatest interest is in the pages on specific jobs on offer, and on starting a business. Within the section on managing money, the most popular topic page is on collective investments (investment trusts and unit trusts and index funds).       Within ‘Health’ the greatest interest is in ‘Getting exercise’, and within Travel the most visited page was on ‘container ship travel’!
Current topics
Retirement is very much in the news, with politicians hinting that it will be necessary to put up the retirement age to 67, and pension fund pundits warning that existing pension schemes are not going to be able to fund retirees in the lifestyle to which they aspire.    So it is not surprising that jobs, particularly paid jobs, are one of the greatest areas of interest on our site.    We are talking to a head hunting firm to see if they will publish with us details of their part time jobs which could benefit from the experience of someone who is recently retired.
We have started a ‘What’s New’ Column on the home page, which comments on items of current news of relevance to oldies.     Please contribute to it, or draw our attention to topics which should be included.
And as a mark of grateful recognition for what we are trying to do, it is proposed in Brussels that 2012 should  be the European Year of Active Ageing - so we will not be alone in our campaign!  
We need: volunteers to ‘adopt’ individual topic pages, and be responsible for editing and updating them.
                        Other web sites to put links to us into their site
                        Contributions and comments for publication
And we need your participation in order to achieve these!   Please do give us your comments.
Email them to ‘ ‘, or put them in the ‘Add your comments’ or ‘Make a Contribution’ sections of