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We have created Social Innovator to bring together the people, experience and issues involved in designing, developing and growing new ideas that meet pressing unmet needs.

This material is intended to guide and support the practice of all those who can contribute to this social economy: policy‐makers who can help to create the right conditions; foundations and philanthropists who can fund and support; social organisations trying to meet needs more effectively; and of course entrepreneurs and innovators themselves.

The project is a collaboration between the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) and the Young Foundation - two organisations that are committed to the role that social innovation can play in building the new social economy.

Social Innovator is now being hosted by the Social Innovation eXchange or SIX - a global community of over 700 individuals and organisations committed to promoting social innovation and growing the capacity of the field. 

We are aiming to survey and distil knowledge about the methods in use in the field, and drawing on practitioners and researchers in the UK and internationally through the global SIX community.

New methods and learning will be added to this site, as well as published periodically in book form.

You can find ways to work with the project under Contribute, browse or print off individual methods in the directory, or help us build a review of the literature in the field in our Reading Room.